Ends on May 15, 2017
In 2017, Artist Trust (AT) will award 60 Washington State artists of all disciplines with $1,500 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP). Examples of artist projects include but are not limited to: materials, equipment, and artist fees needed for the development, completion, or presentation of new work; publication; travel for creative research; documentation; and workshops for professional development. In addition to the 60 GAP recipients, one Literary artist will be awarded a residency at Centrum, a multidisciplinary arts center in Port Townsend, WA, and one Media or Performance artist will be awarded an evening to show their work at The Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA, as part of the Seattle Theater Group (STG) Nights at the Neptune summer series.


Applicants must be:

  • 18 years of age or older by March 27, 2017;
  • Washington State residents at the time of application through payment in October 2017;
  • Generative artists (those who are the originators of works of art).
Applicants may not be:
  • Graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in any degree program at the deadline date of May 15, 2017;
  • A recipient of an AT GAP or Fellowship from 2012–2016; or recipient of three AT GAPs total in a lifetime; 
  • Recipients of more than one AT grant per calendar year; 
  • Previous recipients of the James W. Ray Distinguished Artist or Arts Innovator Award; 
  • Current AT staff, Board of Trustees, honorary committee, consultants, contractors, current GAP panelists, or their immediate family.
Use Artist Trust as a Resource!

  • Use our GAP REFERENCE GUIDE, featuring applications from past recipients:
  • Join us at How to Apply for an Artist Grant;
  • Schedule a consultation during Open Office Hours:
  • Watch the recording of our GAP Webinar from April 5;
  • Submit by April 17 and request preliminary review;
  • Come to us with questions! 

  • Owen David Program Coordinator: Grants to Artists
    owen@artisttrust.org | 206/467-8734 x14

    Katy Hannigan Artist Liaison
    katy@artisttrust.org | 206/467-8734 x25