2022 Fellowship Awards
Deadline: Monday, November 8, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PST

Artist Trust Fellowships are merit-based awards of $10,000 for practicing professional artists of exceptional talent and ability residing in Washington State. These unrestricted awards are given annually to 8+ artists of any discipline in recognition of artistic excellence and dedication to their practice. The first Fellowship Awards were selected in 1987, making it Artist Trust’s longest-running award program.

Before starting your application, please read the 2022 Fellowship Guidelines.

The 2022 Fellowship Awards are open to artists residing in Washington State working in all disciplines. Artist Trust COVID-19 Relief Fund recipients are eligible for this award.

• 18 years of age or older;

• Washington State residents at the time of application and payment;

• Individual artists (or artist teams): those who are the originators of works of art.

• Fellowship recipients from 2014–2020 (this includes the recipients announced in February 2021);

• Previous recipients of two or more Fellowship Awards in a lifetime;

• Previous recipients of the James W. Ray Distinguished Artist or Arts Innovator Awards;

• Recipients of another Artist Trust grant in 2022;

• Graduate or undergraduate matriculated students enrolled in any degree program at the deadline date of November 8, 2021;

• Applying on behalf of a company, nonprofit, organization, fiscal sponsorship, or community group;

• Current Artist Trust staff, Board of Trustees, honorary committee member, current Fellowship panelists, or their immediate family.

A team of two or more artists may apply if they have a documented history of creating and presenting work as a team for at least three consecutive years. Artists applying as a team must contact Artist Trust to confirm eligibility before applying. If eligible, one artist will submit the application and list team members in the application. All team members must meet the eligibility requirements.


The Vadon Foundation supports innovative community-based initiatives that sustain healthy thriving indigenous nations in perpetuity. The Foundation supports programs working to ensure that every successive generation of indigenous people and culture will face an increasingly brighter future of healthy self-determination, autonomy, evolution, and sustainability. Recognizing that multi-generational problems require multi-generational solutions, they believe that developing and supporting visionary changemakers within Native communities provides the most proven path for fostering long-term progress.

The Vadon Foundation Fellowship Award for Native Artists is an unrestricted award of $10,000 to a Native artist of any discipline residing in Washington State. To apply, artists must complete the Fellowship Award application and provide documentation of their Native American heritage in one of the following ways:

  • Documentation of tribal enrollment provided by a federally- or state-recognized tribe, band, nation, or Alaska Native Village;
  • Documentation provided by a federally- or state-recognized tribe, band, nation, or Alaska Native village identifying the applicant as a descendant.

Learn more about the Vadon Foundation at www.vadonfoundation.org.

Applying for grants can be hard, and we want to help you. Artist Trust offers the following support services and resources to guide you through the application process:

Office Hours: 20-minute consultations with our staff, provided in-person via Zoom or by phone, on October 21 & 22. Make an appointment at artisttrust.org.
Study Hall: Pop into this open Zoom session on Tuesday, October 19, 2-4 p.m. to work on your 2021 Fellowship Award application. During Study Hall you can speak with a program manager, work through your application on mute or request a breakout session with another applicant for support. This is not a private session, but rather a space for information sharing and work time. Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81150887007.
Reference Guide: Review examples of successful applications from past year’s awardees at artisttrust.org.
Resources: Visit artisttrust.org for toolkits, tips, and other information.

Contact Us: We are happy to answer questions about your application. Please note: it’s hard for us to answer questions on the day of the deadline. Start your application early and don’t wait to contact us with questions.

Please note, if you require a translator to complete your application or have other accessibility needs, please get in touch. Our contact information is below.

Monday–Friday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. PST
• with questions about applications, guidelines, eligibility, support services, and resources;
• if you need to access or edit a submitted application prior to the deadline of November 8, 2021.

Luther Hughes // Program Manager

luther@artisttrust.org: 206/467-8734

Lydia Boss // Program Manager

lydia@artisttrust.org: 206/467-8734

Grace Nakahara // Program Coordinator
grace@artisttrust.org: 206/467-8734

• with website access issues;
• with questions about uploading or formatting files;
• with other technical support needs.


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